On Air

  • The Fishermen and the sea

    The Fishermen and the sea Does this bustling city life bother you and are you are looking for a quiet place to relax and have some solitude? Well, then fishing might be the answer for you. In The Fishermen and the City, three male celebrities visit various fishing sites in Korea to just fish and have a bonding time with each other. And on their little fishing trip, they not only catch fish but also end up getting the comfort and rest that they’ve been missing in their busy lives. Let’s eat, play, and fish like these fishermen!

  • 24 Hours Observation Camera season 2

    24 Hours Observation Camera season 2 For 24 hours, 8 video journalists simultaneously document a certain subject in 8 different angles. Capturing various viewpoints around the subject, the program delivers insights about certain issues, ultimately increasing social awareness. Viewers can notice in-depth and unusual side about the topic via 8 different angles.

  • Me & My Buddy Dog [Dog Papa_season 2]

    Me & My Buddy Dog [Dog Papa_season 2] Each of three celebrities who have never owned a pet is matched with a new adorable puppy. A life of a single man starts to change as the new companion comes along. As the show progresses, these lonely men mentally mature and learn how to express their feelings through various emotional interactions with their “new buddies”.

  • Vicinal Outsiders

    Vicinal Outsiders Political commentators and former politicians critically discuss about current political and societal issues. A fun twist is that these former politicians were once deeply involved with the issue that’s being discussed on the show. Now, they’ll have to stand as an “outsider,” and reveal what they know that’s kept hidden from everyone.

  • True Dad Confession

    True Dad Confession True Dad Confession is an observational reality program depicting the daily lives of different fathers. This show portrays the fathers' yearning for their children's love and attention. True Dad Confession allows the fathers to finally have some bonding time with thier children.

  • The Untold Story

    The Untold Story A talk show where professional journalists and experts of the entertainment industry reveal the untold and hidden stories of Korean celebrities. These professionals resolve curiosities about gossips and rumors around Korean celebrities and talk about their behind stories.

  • Ordinary Millionaire

    Ordinary Millionaire Ordinary Millionaire introduces rags to riches story of ordinary people who earn their way to become millionaires. Sharing their behind stories through interviews and reenactments, these people offer tips and guides that are proven to have helped these self-made professionals. Not only earning tips, they also deliver their personal philosophies about 'life' and 'money' that they've learned from their achievements.

  • Body God

    Body God This show is about a group of people who call themselves ‘Body Gods’. These ‘Body Gods’ have extensive interests in their body and health. In this show, 'Body gods’ share their own tips and healthy recipes that are simple and easy to follow. Moreover, highly renowned medical doctors from various fields examine the Body Gods’ healthy methods. In the studio, the host and the guests physically demonstrate the Body Gods’ methods to show how it works.

  • Now On My Way to Meet You

    Now On My Way to Meet You Now on My Way to Meet You is the world's first talk show starring North Korean refugee women (referred to as the “North Korean Beauties”) to share their personal stories and experiences living in and out of North Korea. Topics such North Korean culture, society, food, politics, and lifestyle are discussed in the show.

Reality / Entertainment

  • Heart Signal

    Heart Signal Is there a mathematical formula for love? <Heart Signal> is a suspenseful romance reality show following the lives of ten housemates, all of them meeting each other for the first time, living together in “signal house” for one month. Ten housemates consist of five males and five females. Then, there are these people in the studio, known as the “predictors,” secretly peeping at these ten housemates via camera lenses. The predictors, all coming from various backgrounds, will try to guess the housemates’ secret crushes by analyzing their interaction, nonverbal communication, etc.

  • Good Farmer

    Good Farmer Under the belief that good ingredients make good food, South Korea’s no.1 chefs set out on a journey to find ‘good farmers’ maintaining the freshest local produce. Korea’s top chefs collaborate with these ‘good farmers’ to bring out the most delicious farm-to-table feast you can ever imagine.

  • Oh! Cool Guy

    Oh! Cool Guy Oh! Cool Guy is a reality show where five of the Korea’s hottest male celebrities who call themselves as “cool guys” gather together to search for ways to perfect their coolness. “Smart is Sexy.” Heard this phrase before? Yes, their first project is to expand their historical knowledge. The group will travel to various historical sites in Korea and find out about the sites’ historical meanings and significance.

  • X-File, The Food Story

    X-File, The Food Story The program investigates food crimes in Korea. The show not only divulges restaurants’ hidden wrongdoings, but also deeply penetrates into the production, distribution and consumption process in the food industry. The show also bestows “Good-Natured Restaurant” title to restaurants that provides fresh and delicious food handled properly and safely.

  • Lookalikes

    Lookalikes Look a likes is a show that features celebrity doppelgängers, a German term describing two unrelated people physically resembling each other. The live audience will have to select one doppelgänger that best resembles their intended celebrity.

  • 'Sing'derella

    'Sing'derella Sing’derella is a music ranking show where panels guess song titles that are suitable for certain situations. For example, the panels will have to guess the “Top 5 songs that will help win your future in-laws’ hearts.” The songs have been preselected based on survey results.

  • The South Meets The North

    The South Meets The North The South Meets the North demonstrates how life would be like if South Korean men and North Korean women are united as a family. As they live together, the two very different groups experience each other's polar-opposite lifestyles and try to overcome any existing cultural gaps.

  • Never Too Late for College

    Never Too Late for College Never Too Late for College is a reality program where four top celebrities decide to attend a selected college as a student. All of the cast have never graduated from college for various reasons and they have always longed for a real college experience. Given a college major, each celebrity has to attend classes every morning and take endless exams just like a normal college student. Nevertheless, nobody is too late for college.

  • Dog Papa

    Dog Papa Each of three celebrities who have never owned a pet is matched with a new adorable puppy. A life of a single man starts to change as the new companion comes along. As the show progresses, these lonely men mentally mature and learn how to express their feelings through various emotional interactions with their puppies.

  • Angry Wife

    Angry Wife Angry wife is a reality show that gives opportunities to celebrity husbands in order to better understand what their wives' needs. The wives experience a virtual marriage with the mysterious ‘Dream Man,’ who came to fulfill her wish-list. The husbands start to learn how to better reciprocate and understand their wives by observing their virtual marriages.

  • The Farmer's Men

    The Farmer's Men Each year, an increasing number of young people leave their hometowns and villages in the countryside. And as a result, the elderlies are in desperate need of some manpower to help them out. The cast of The Farmer’s Men are sent to these villages to satisfy whatever needs the elderlies might have for them. The cast stays in the house of the local elders for a few days to complete several missions such as completing the leftover fieldwork, house repairing, etc. Each cast member will have their own areas of specialization such as housing, cultivating, or cooking.


    MISAGO MISAGO is an abbreviation of the three phrases that are somewhat difficult to say in our everyday lives: I'm Sorry, I Love you, and Thank you. This program helps people who want to deliver messages to their beloved ones and plan surprise events for them. And there’s a hidden camera that follows them throughout the event.

  • National Team

    National Team Amazing match of legendary all-stars comes back alive. Former Olympic medalists team up and compete against the current national team athletes. For each episode, the cast receives special training to get ready for the qualification tournaments and big match with the younger athletes.

  • Gentleman

    Gentleman Do you believe in social justice? This program tries to find and revive important social values such as faith, justice, and respect that our society today seem to be losing. Hidden cameras are installed to look for citizens quitely doing good deeds in today's seemingly bleak and indifferent society.

  • Top Magic

    Top Magic Top Magic is a battling show between the "World’s Best Magicians" and "Korea’s Top Magicians." Who would be the final winner? Magicians from all over the world (US, Europe, and Japan) have gathered in Korea to compete for the "World's No. 1 Magician" title.

  • Right Now

    Right Now Four celebrities, a mix of singers and comedians, travel to exotic places around the world. They are sent to complete formidable missions with limited money, time and transportation. Their trip begins "right now."


  • K-Pop Extreme Surviva

    K-Pop Extreme Survival Sunny Entertainment holds an audition to come up with the next ‘M2,’ the hottest male idol group in Korea. Seung-yeon, a girl who wants to be in M2 Junior, disguises herself as a guy to participate in the 'M2 Junior competition.' Meanwhile, she falls in love with Woo-hyun, who is one of the M2 members. She struggles to hide and stay disguised in order to remain in the group.

  • Happy And

    Happy And Happy And is a story of four married women who rediscover the true meaning of marriage through their own experiences. Their story begins when they start to have doubts about their marriages. The drama aims to portray a more realistic marital life from the wife's point of view. This will allow the target viewers, who are also tired and struggling wives, to sympathize with the main characters.

  • Goodbye My Wife

    Goodbye My Wife A former UFC player Seung-hyuk marries to a woman who wanted to be a nun, Sun-ah. Their marriage starts to fall apart and the two also slowly grow apart from each other. When Seung-hyuk asks her for a divorce, Sun-ah meets her first love again. Seung-hyuk finally realizes that Sun-ah is his one and only love. And when the two eventually patch things up, Seung-hyuk finds out about his brain cancer. He decides to let Sun-ah go. What will be Sun-ah's choice?

  • Miss Panda & Mr. Hedgehog

    Miss Panda & Mr. Hedgehog The drama is a story about a young baker, Miss Panda, and Seung-ji, a patissier. The two have polar-opposite personalities. Thus, the relationship between these two wasn't smooth at first, but they eventually grow feelings for each other. However, One-il, Ms. Panda's old friend confesses his love for her, which leads to a love triangle.

  • Color Of Woman

    Color Of Woman Two main characters, Sora and Jin-joo, are coworkers. Sora, a competitive perfectionist, wants to succeed on her own. On the other hand, Jin-joo, who dreams of marrying a rich man, thinks that physical beauty is the most important value in the world. These two very different women start to have a crush on the heir of their company. Who will be the winner of this love battle?

  • An Immortal Work

    An Immortal Work The drama is about a family who believe that Kimchi is the best heritage of Korean culture and dedicate their lives to make the best Kimchi. The daughter of the family, Geum-hee, competes in various culinary contests to become the next successor of the Korean master chef.


    HEAVEN’S GARDEN Gom-Bae-Ryung, a small town in Korea is also known as the "Heaven's Garden." Despite her father's opposition, Jae-in, the main character, marries to a man with two daughters. However, Jae-in's happiness does not last very long when her husband gets swindled. As her husband gets imprisoned, she has to pay off her husband's debts. Jae-in also returns to Gom-Bae-ryung town, where her father lives alone, with her two daughters. The drama draws lives of people in Gom-Bae-Ryung. Conflicts between the town’s people and the newcomers lead to a big drama.


    BACHELOR'S VEGETABLE STORE Tae-yang is an orphan who lives with his grandmother and he grew up in poverty. Despite his impoverished environment, he stays very optimistic and grows a special interest in vegetables. Eventually, he enters the world of greengrocers. The drama depicts the success stories of six vegetable grocers.


  • Exodus, Out of North Korea

    Exodus, Out of North Korea This documentary depicts the fifteen North Koreans' miraculous exodus out of North Korea. For twenty days, they hold their breaths on a perilous journey, risking their lives for freedom. Although the temperature drops as low as - 20ºC around the Amnok River, these people fearlessly risk their lives to cross the river in order to escape.

  • Greenland

    Greenland This documentary records a long journey across Greenland for 52 days. It is known as man's first attempt to explore the entire land of Greenland by riding only on a sledge. Sung-taek Hong, the leader of this exploration, has already been to two poles and the Bering Straits, a land known to have no inhabitants. This is his another challenge story to go beyond his limit at another end of the earth, Greenland.

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